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Greg Turner

Founder of The Black Film Summit & Latino International Film Expo

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I often get the question when working on a film festival, “So, who are you?” The long and the short of it is that I’m just dude who loves movies and wants to share that love while bringing people together. I’m an avid lover of the fine and performing arts. TBFS and LIFE are a natural outgrowth from the love I have for the cinematic arts and culture and my desire to share them with the greater world.


The Black Film Summit was an idea that I formally began to put into action in late 2019. The world as we knew it took a hard turn, but in March 2022 the dream became a reality. I learned a lot in year one of TBFS and I used that experience to produce a second film festival on July 15, 2022 called the Latino International Film Expo. With these festivals I hope to continue to share the amazing work of artists and one day open my own independent movie theater showcasing the best of the next generation of filmmakers.

Education & Service 


DePaul University


Columbia College Chicago

The pinnacle of my academic success was in earning my Master of Education and Professional Educator License from DePaul. I cannot say it enough how much I truly loved my time at DePaul University. The professors and administrative staff were top notch. My classmates came from prestigious universities from across the country and challenged me every day to push myself to do my best. There are several great universities in the state of Illinois, but DePaul University has my heart and I am extremely proud to be a Blue Demon.

Having spent several years working in a middle school in Illinois and high school in Arizona I returned to Illinois to finish what I had started a decade previous. If truth is told, the experience at Columbia was not optimal, however the education received has been invaluable to my development as an artist. I am truly proud to have accomplished my goal of earning a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre


Waubonsee Community College

Upon an honorable discharge from the Marines I attended WCC and earned an AA in Theatre and AS in Secondary Education. It was during this time I was able to begin developing my theatre craftmanship under the direction of Dr. Maria Bakalis. I would take many of the leadership skills learned in the Corps and serve as President of a black student group on campus.


United States

Marine Corps

The most informative time of My life were during the four years serving in the United States Marine Corps. If I were to pinpoint the exact time at which my adulthood would be forever changed it would have to be during a deployment to Kenya in 2000. To be on the African continent representing my country while also exploring that from which we come was inspiring and led directly to my desire to uplift the Pan African arts.

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