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Monochromatic - TBFS 2024 Short Film 

TBFS 2024 Slate of Films

Coming together for the love of film & the Culture

Happening March 20-23, The Black Film Summit brings you 47 outstanding films from across the country and around the world. 

The Black Film Summit is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for filmmakers across the Pan African diaspora to gather, be heard, and have their work showcased. We strive to give the African American community and its allies a safe space where they can enjoy, converse, and  celebrate independent films featuring people of color.

About 2024
Film Slate

TBFS 2024 offers 47 films from across the United States and around the world. Here you can delve into the films and plan your time at The Black Film Summit. 

Film Sections

*Note that film information and descriptions are provided by the filmmakers. 

Nightly Feature Films

Each Night TBFS will have a Feature Presentation to conclude the the day of films.

Finding Tony Still_edited.jpg

Finding Tony

Director/Screenwriter: Raven Magwood Goodson, Producers: Raven Magwood Goodson, Joyce Licorish, Anthony Davis, Chandra Magwood,  Andreas Olavarria

When a depressed, widowed NBA star loses everything, he reluctantly begins coaching a junior college women's basketball team, where he meets an orphaned basketball phenom who will change his life forever. 

Cast: Stephen Bishop, David Banner, Rayven Symone Ferrell, Columbus Short, Brook Sill, Josh Ventura, Jock McKissic, Rodney Perry

Freedom Hair.jpeg

Freedom Hair

Director/Screenwriter: Dianne Houston, Producers:Rob Pfaltzgraff, Lana Link, Stacey Parks

Based on the inspiring, true story of Melony Armstrong, a mother who works at a shelter for battered women decides to start a natural hair braiding business to achieve financial independence for herself and others. To do so she must overcome unexpected obstacles imposed by a powerful cartel and the state of Mississippi.

Cast: Simona Brown, Sophia Bush, Erica Tazel, Jeremie Harris, Sharon Conley

Lukas 11 and gang.jpg


Director/ Producer:Philippe Robert Jean Talavera, Screenwriter: Mikiros Garoes

A child in the streets of Windhoek. After witnessing the brutal murder of his mum and being chased away from his auntie’s house, Lukas starts a journey in the streets of Windhoek, Namibia. As the past constantly catches up with his present, will Lukas be able to escape the streets?

Cast: Alejandro Cooper, Hernandes Gaonakgosi, Treazurique Titus

Sway still.jpg


Director: Charlie Hamilton, Zach Ramelan, Producers: Emmanuel Kabongo, Chris Morsby, James Stewart, Mishael Morgan, Daniel Govia

A Black community leader, who has it all, sees his life spiral out of control within hours after his brother goes missing, he’s blackmailed by a strange woman, and a murder tests how far he will go to protect the ones he loves.

Cast: Emmanuel Kabongo, Mishael Morgan, Lovell Adams-Gray, Brittany Raymond

Feature Films

These feature length films will be presented throughout TBFS during matinee hours, 10am-6pm respectively.

Kikum Spirit Still.jpg

Kikum Spirit
(The Untold African Story)

Director: Anurin Nwunembom, Producer: Lukong Dieudonne Yufenyuy, Screenwriters: Forkwa Blaise Babila, Lukong Dieudonne Yufenyuy, Anurin Nwunembom

Fonyuy thinks people bearing gifts don't come with bad intentions. So he takes the gifts from Pedro and Enrico.The Fon thinks his people can benefit from knowing more about the strangers land. So he sends his son Mumu to the foreigners' land to learn about them.When they return without his son, the truth about their initial visit and intentions hits the villagers and leaves them beyond shocked. 

Cast: Ngwa Muma Bernard, Sutchou Jean Claude, Bryan Batif Guillamon


Light In Us Dark Ones

Director/ Producer/ Writer: Alicia Buckner

The story of VISIONS co-founder, Dr. Valerie Batts’ early life. Inspired by true events, the film crafts a narrative of a young woman whose upbringing and connection to family and community leads her to take on big challenges and begin building a legacy of healing in a world steeped in division.

Cast: Ilia Jones, Matthew Gademske

Shapes of Africa Still.jpeg


Directors: Carolina Boco, Luca La Vopa, Producer: Corrado Azzollini, Screenwriters: Francesca Muci, Corrado Azzollini, Carolina Boco, Serena Porta

Cast: Roberta Mastromichele​,​ Corrado Fortuna, Diane Fleri, Marlon Joubert, Grace Neema Enock, Maria Grazia Cucinotta

pages of my heart still.jpg

The Pages Of My Heart: Volume One

Director: Deon Gibson, Producers: Carrie Gibson, Deon Gibson, Shellita Boxie, Jeremy Perez, Ben Woods, Writer: Sheila Velazquez, Melissa Amos, Deon Gibson, 

Cast: Geneva Maccarone, Jarron Webster

Short Films

TBFS 2024 presents impactful short, 40 minutes or less, films from around the world. 

Adi Ani.jpg

Ada Ani (The Awakening)

Director: Andrea R. Ciobanu, Producer: Lydia Idakula, Screenwriters: Nnanna Kalu, Ndukwe Onuoha

Tormented by constant nightmares about drowning, Ada cannot sleep through the night and is even now terrified by the thought of getting into a bathtub. After constant persuasion from her flatmate, she finally agrees to see someone – a “guide” – about her condition.

Cast: Natisha Williams–Samuels, Diana Yekini, Christopher Iheuwa

Black Girl in Portland.jpeg

Black Girl From Portland

Director: Iyore Odighizuwa, Producer: Iyore Odighizuwa, Screenwriter: Iyore Odighizuwa

An experimental short film that journeys through a few well known streets in Portland, Oregon, as the main character simultaneously journeys through her feelings about her city as a Black girl. The good, the bad and the unfortunate.

Cast: Anntwannette McKenzie, Dejuanae Toliver


Bottled Spirits

Director: Elizabeth Carter, Producer: Reginald Edmund, Simeilia Hodge-Dallaway, Nataki Garrett, Screenwriter: Cat Brooks

Louise is a native of West Oakland, California; a community once known as the Harlem of the West. Gentrification has turned her beloved community into unfriendly and unrecognizable territory and the weight of being Black in America now threatens to crush her. She straps on the daily armor of alcohol, cigarettes and a sharp tongue to block out the constant ache of losing everything that ever mattered. On this day however, a door she has been banging on for years magically opens, an ancestor arrives to help and Louise battles her demons - and herself - in a desperate attempt to find the courage to walk the difficult path toward redemption.

Cast: Margo Hall

Death & Taxes 2.jpeg

Death & Taxes

Director/Screenwriter: Matthew Morris, Producer: Krushan Naik, Andre J Ferguson, Alitl Luna Flores

Death & Taxes focuses its lens on Chester, PA - a small Black city in the midst of a violent state of emergency. Through a layered analysis of the absurdity of being numb to death, our lead is a hyperbole of this phenomenon-a mortician's assistant working overtime to pay for his brother's funeral.

Cast: Adrian Hospedale, Ade Chike Torbert, Shea Buckner

Dignity Still 2.jpg


Director/Screenwriter: Pat Battistini

Producer: Pat Battistini, Jason Goulet, Adam W. Karwowski, Lorey Hayes, Tom Katsis

"Dignity" is a love story between a woman and her family. However, the family's strength is tested when a moral decision must be made.

Cast: Lorey Hayes, Tom Katsis, Mildred Langford, Clay Cureton


Déni Choubaga

Director: Django Schrevens, Producer: Babacar BA, Screenwriter: Ibrahim Sano, Aissatou  Bassene, Django Schrevens, Oumar Diolo

On the outskirts of Ziguinchor, in southern Senegal...

A young woman is accused of witchcraft while her village is mysteriously plunged into illness. Anger mounts in the neighborhood and the young woman is trapped: her fate is now in the hands of her two older brothers, who will have to decide whether she is innocent or not.

Cast: Oumar Diolo, Ramata Sissoko, Babacar BA



Director/Screenwriter: Cyrus Richardson

Producer: Cyrus Richardson, Patrick Phillips, Oliver Mann

Michelle experiences a sleep state of Hypnopompia that makes her nightmare a reality.

Cast: Dwayne Eggerson, Nicole Stubbs

Just Enough.jpeg

Just Enough

Director/Screenwriter: Cat Hurston, Producer: Cat Hurston, Jaylin Gant, Patrecia Moore

Story about a man and a woman from two different cultures who fall in love and plan a life together but jealousy from someone in their circle does all they can to block that from happening.

Cast: Jean Charles, Cat Hurston



Director: Shaun Heard-Mckoy, Edwin Walker, Producer: Jeff Gaylan, Ellis White, Robin Hill, Stephanie Hill, Screenwriter: Shaun Heard-Mckoy, Shannon Clark,

Marcus has lived life with the weight of the world on his shoulders. Well, today it all comes crashing down when he terrifyingly contemplates suicide in a game of Russian roulette.

Cast: Shuan Heard-McKoy, Brent Grimes, Chantal Nchako, Sheila Heard, Maylon McKoy



Director/Screenwriter: Karen Bryson, Producer: Shakyra Dowling, Lorraine Bhattachary

The film is seen through the eyes of Grace, age 6. The world as she sees and experiences it, innocent, carefree and mischievous. Grace is Black. 1977, Wood Green London. The political climate is volatile with the rise of the National Front. The UK is dealing with the aftermath of Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, calling for the repatriation of immigrants and appealing to racial hatred, skinhead subculture is prevalent. Grace plays hopscotch in her garden. Bored, she opens the back gate seeking adventure…

Cast: Stephanie Levi-John, Sonnyboy Skelton, Kenedy McCallam-Martin, Elisha Robin



Director: Jirard, Producer: Alima Albari, Danielle ''Pockett'' Brown, Screenwriter: Jirard, Samuel Lee Fudge

Marcus Mosiah Garvey, a Jamaican-born political activist and founder of the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA), is on trial in New York in 1923. Following the leadership of J. Edger Hoover & the BOI (later, the FBI), the government has charged Garvey with mail fraud in connection with selling stocks for the Black Star Line - a shipping line designed to forge a link between North America and Africa. Garvey sees the trial for what it is: an attempt to end the movement by way of character assassination.

Cast: Samuel Lee Fudge, Brit Scales

Pictures Onlly.jpeg

Pictures Only

Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Charles A. Honeywood, Producer: Jennifer Goodman (Karum), Ryan Atkins, Screenwriter: Rachel Soland, Khierra M. Peggs

Set in 1950s Bronzeville, Louise Parker is facing eviction from her home. Desperate to keep her independence and status, she is introduced to a lucrative performing opportunity. While attempting to keep this new venture a secret, she simultaneously gains popularity, risking being exposed to and disowned by her mother. After being offered a promotion, she is left with two choices, become the headliner, or allow her family to lose everything.

Cast: Deja Anderson Ross, Jessica Gillespie, Estavion White, Melba Brown, Darian Tene, Jennifer A Goodman (Karum)



Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Kossi Armand Sossah, Screenwriter: Angelo Rutayisire, Nyka Mbaya

This short film highlights the crucial importance of taking action to defend a threatened cultural identity and to free oneself from the constraints imposed by society. Each character represents a facet of this struggle, challenging established norms and positioning themselves for a future where the freedom of the black community is preserved, affirmed and celebrated.


Potlako (Hurry up)

Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Pretty Renae Mangena, Producers/Screenwriters: Boitumelo Molalugi, Keamogetswe Mere

In a case of stubbornness and bad luck, Potlako, a 21-year-old young man is captured by slave traders on his way to asking his uncles to go ask for the hand of his lover, Morwesi.

Cast: Molatseli Elias Nthoba, Thabiso Maseko, Tshegofatso Nethe

Princess love.jpg

Princess Love

Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Chris Dabney, Producer: Donald Welch, Szymon Kozak

After losing her mother, 16-year-old Madison becomes pregnant as a result of being sexually assaulted. Alone, scared and confused, she decides to take matters into her own hands as she turns to the only person she has left - her father.

Cast: Eric Roberts, Heaven Howard

Reparations MOVIE STILL 60 jpg.jpg


Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Darius Montrezz Frye, Director: Czharcus Marquis Jones

Three years after a brutal war for reparations, we follow the life of Phillip Hall, a software-mechanical engineer and his family as they navigate their daily lives, in a dystopian society, but the family holds a secret that if revealed could have grave consequences

Cast: Brett Lark, Rachel Hale, Rudolph Massanga



Director: Janet Marrett, Producer: Lorraine Bhattachary, Shakyra Dowling, Screenwriter: Janet Marrett

A psychologist attempts to conceal her past until she is forced to confront it

Cast: Michelle Greenidge, Jeffery Kissoon, Max Fincham


Side B

Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Brandon Jones

During the holidays, "Side B" tells the story of a record-store owner finding catharsis from her past through the healing power of music.


The Ancestors

Director/Screenwriter: Zodwa Nyoni, Producer: Barrington Paul Robinson

Three Zimbabwean spirits descended to earth on a mission to connect with their descendant, a University student living in Leeds.

Cast: Pamela Nomvete, Clint Dyer, Daniel Ogbeide-John, Kaitlyn Akinpelumi, Akiem Toussaint Buck


The Final Tour

Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Todd M. Webb, Producer: Aman Tulsian, Forrest Renaissance, Synell Formey, Kayla Brooks

In the summer 1960, Milton Davis and his quartet hit the road on a European tour. At the time the band leaders of the group, Milton D. and "Catfish" Evans, were engaged in a contentious relationship held together only by their mutual love for "the music". Agreeing that it is time for the two to go their separate ways, the two jazz icons decided this tour will be their last. Tensions and expectations are high as the group prepares to take the stage for the last time. It is the end of an era.

Cast: Forrest Renaissance, Khalif Cotton, Chloé Groussard, Paul Forrest Quinn, Nicholas Ferracamo

Wait We Carry.jpeg

The Wait We Carry

Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Eugene Valentino McKinney

The Wait We Carry is a drama that follows the challenging, complicated and sometimes funny lives of four lifelong friends that while busy, they stay connected but never scratch beneath the surface on each other's lives. They may seem to have it all together but when tragedy in the group forces them to lean on each other like never before and in doing so, find connection to get them through the darkest days


Truth Detector

Director/Producer/Screenwriter: William Reliford

"The Truth Detector" follows the journey of a high school science teacher with a penchant for exploring quirky technology at weekend yard sales. One day, he stumbles upon a peculiar device that possesses the remarkable ability to distinguish between true and false statements.

Cast: Timothy Mantil, Katie Otten, Cassandra Schomer

Unicorn Training.jpeg

Unicorn Training

Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Craig Alan, Producer: William J Webber, Kevin Saunders

A dejected man on the verge of divorce meets a bodacious woman dolled in fur at a bar... arousing a whimsical night of eroticism.

Cast: Kevin Saunders, Ashley Forrestier, Jahi Trotter, Kennedy Harris

Welcome to AfroTree.jpg

Welcome to Afrotree

Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Chase Parker, Producer: Greg Rhem

Steven and Janet are fed up with gentrification, whitewashing, and code switching in the big city. They move to Afrotree, an experimental, gated community populated by only African-American residents. Their dream of living in a cultural oasis suddenly becomes a nightmare when they discover they might not be “Black” enough.

Cast: Charlie Q Smith, Wilson Christopher, Tra'lynn Husbands, Colin Pieters, Jade Cayne


Documetaries at TBFS are sure to engage, entertain, enlighten, and educate!

Faith in Blackness.jpg

Faith in Blackness:
An Exploration of AfroLatine Spirituality

Director: Charles Reynoso, Producer: Charles Reynoso, Guesnerth Josue Perea, Michael A Lopez, Jr., Screenwriter: Charles Reynoso, Guesnerth Josue Perea, Michael A Lopez, Jr.

“How can the creator of the universe be smaller than me?” Black Latine people around the world practice a myriad of faith traditions. This short-form documentary explores dynamic identities of these AfroLatine people and their journey for a home, a faith in Blackness.

Her Time is Now.jpeg

Her Time is Now

Director: Meg Martin, Tiane Parris, Producer: Joe Adams, Hezekiah Lewis, Jameson Ford, Kristine Rivera, Screenwriter: Jameson Ford, Sydney Porter, Olivia Speaker, Irene Awino, Asata Mander

"Her Time Is Now" follows two powerful women of Siaya, Kenya as they rewrite their narratives within a dominant patriarchal context. Watch as they navigate the various economic and social challenges that they encounter and discover the creative methods of self-determination that women employ to empower themselves and future generations.

Cast: Irene Awino, Trezzer Auma Omoro, Duren Adhiambo Oyuga

Mandilake still.jpeg


Director: Adrian Madikisa, Wonga Lucas, Producer: Lauren Groenewald, Screenwriter: Zukiswa Pakama

Cast: Mandilakhe Ikhaya

Route to Emancipation.jpeg

The Route To Emancipation

Director: Talib Abdullahi, Riley Engemoen, Producer: Talib Abdullahi, Lauren Vunderink, Riley Engemoen

The Route To Emancipation by Black History Bike Ride follows 3 friends as they embark on a 350 mile cycling route from the Texas Capitol in Austin to the site where Juneteenth began in 1865. The journey takes viewers back through centuries of Black history in Texas, with interviews from educators, historians, and community leaders along the way.

Cast: Talib Abdullahi, Ariel Marlowe, Brandon Grant

Return to Greatness.jpeg

Return To Your Corner

Director/Producer/Writer: Ashley Malcolm Morrison

Who was the first Boxing World Champion from Africa? Why do so few people know his name? Sadly few know his name even in Africa because Battling Siki was a world Champion during the colonial era and so his world title is recorded as belonging to his colonial ruler.

Graduate Student Films

Filmmakers of all skill levels are welcome at TBFS. 


A Fork In Love's Road

Director/Producer/ Writer: Bree K. Jones



Director: Cheyenne Samara Downing, Producers: Parker Durnford, Screenwriter: Cheyenne Samara Downing, Zachary Wright

An anxious college student must choose between her relationship or pleasing her overbearing mother.

Cast: Jek Akino, Miguel Berlingeri, Santiago Castillo

Nalb Noum.png

Nalb Noum

Director: Xzaviah J. Stone Sr., Producer: Isabella Cubba, William Curtis, Screenwriter: Xzaviah J. Stone Sr.

An arcane massacre on the Black community is unfolding as a black teen and his friend’s journey to discover the truth behind an old folklore.

Cast: Alioth Carsyn, Bronwyn Rees, Martin Semelfort, Reginald Gaspard, Eilijah Stone


The Pillow

Director/Screenwriter: Sherean Jones, Producer: Stella Shi

A devoted wife struggles to fulfill her dying husband’s final wish, but when she learns of his betrayal, she can’t help but to “kill two birds with one stone.”

Cast: Michelle Lambert, Tjader Francé, Ashlei Shyne

UndergraduateStudent Films

All filmmakers have a story to tell, and they all must begin their cinematic journey somewhere. TBFS is a celebration of film and we are excited to uplift and support the next generation of artists!

contagious Swagger.jpeg

Contagious Swagger

Director: Calvin Callins Jr., Producer: Justin James Colón, Lucas McFarland, Screenwriter: Calvin Callins Jr.

A Black young man visiting his Asian girlfriends' parents’ house for dinner for the first time. His Air Jordan footwear could be the answer to solve a dramatic forbidden love story.

Cast: Elvis Casely, Michael Huynh, Melissa Chin, Pang Thao

Hell of a Child.jpeg

Hell of a Child

Director: Dominique Draper, Producer: Yussef Haridy, Mikayah Lee, Screenwriter: Dominique Draper

Young and unnurtured, a child is berated by the ways of the world with a need to survive but is faced with the inevitable defeat.

Cast: Camden Randall, Jovon Henry

Her Mothers Daughter.jpg

Her Mother's Daughter

Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Xavia Faith Howard

A daughter seeks out the help of a therapist to gain independence from her financially and emotionally dependent mother.

Cast: Elise Moore, Renee Krapff, Daraja Rae

Her time is now 2.jpeg

Her Time is Now

Director: Meg Martin, Tiane Parris, Producer: Joe Adams, Hezekiah Lewis, Jameson Ford, Kristine Rivera, Screenwriter: Jameson Ford, Sydney Porter, Olivia Speaker, Irene Awino, Asata Mander

"Her Time Is Now" follows two powerful women of Siaya, Kenya as they rewrite their narratives within a dominant patriarchal context. Watch as they navigate the various economic and social challenges that they encounter and discover the creative methods of self-determination that women employ to empower themselves and future generations.

Cast: Irene Awino, Trezzer Auma Omoro, Duren Adhiambo Oyuga



Director: Sierra Thoulouis, Producer: Anna Skillom, Ismet Kucuker, Screenwriter: Sierra Thoulouis

D'Mara a first generation Trinidadian-American tries to reconnect with her Caribbean roots as her grandmother loses her memory.

Cast: Maureen Azzun, Gale Cannon, Jonathan Towns, Medina Kiny

What About Daddy.jpeg

What About Daddy?

Director/Writer: Shannon S. Simpson, Producer: Paige Chew, Riley Eggleston

Cornell is a husband and a daddy of two. He must find a way to reconnect with his children without it backfiring in his face.

Cast: Derrick Parker, Meta Smith, Tristian Kinney, Bianca Bates


Where's Everybody At?

Director/Screenwriter/Producer: Lauryn Johnson, Producer: Aaliyah Plummer, Elise Gentry, Rachel McCain

A black HBCU student is transported into a world where all humans have been erased from the planet except for...white people.

Cast: Grant Fortune, Kameron Outland

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