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Welcome to The Black Film Summit 2024!! Day 1 of TBFS has finally arrived and we couldn't be more excited to bring you a great slate of films to get things going.


Short Film Block #1


What About Daddy? 

Mandilakhe- Let Me Build 

Contagious Swagger * Returned

Ada Ani (The Awakening)


The Light In Us Dark Ones

Inspired by true events, the film crafts a narrative of a young woman whose upbringing and connection to family and community leads her to take on big challenges and begin building a legacy of healing in a world steeped in division.


Finding Tony

When a depressed, widowed NBA star loses everything, he reluctantly begins coaching a junior college women's basketball team, where he meets an orphaned basketball phenom who will change his life forever. 


Day 2 of The Black Film Summit and there is no slowing down! We bring you 2 short film blocks and cap the day off with a Nightly Feature Film that comes to us from Namibia 


Short Film Block #2

Where’s Everybody At? 

A Fork In Love's Road 

Return To Your Corner


Short Film Block #3

The Route To Emancipation 

Her Mother’s Daughter * Potlako 

Dignity * Faith in Blackness 

Black Girl From Portland



A child in the streets of Windhoek. After witnessing the brutal murder of his mum and being chased away from his auntie’s house, Lukas starts a journey in the streets of Windhoek, Namibia. As the past constantly catches up with his present, will Lukas be able to escape the streets?


It's a TBFS kind of weekend and there is no better place to be!! Join us for films and our TBFS Weekend Kickoff Reception. 


Kikum Spirit

(The Untold African Story)

Fonyuy thinks people bearing gifts don't come with bad intentions. So he takes the gifts from Pedro and Enrico.The Fon thinks his people can benefit from knowing more about the strangers land. So he sends his son Mumu to the foreigners' land to learn about them.When they return without his son, the truth about their initial visit and intentions hits the villagers and leaves them beyond shocked. 


Short Film Block #4

Death & Taxes * Lifeline * Deni Choubaga The Final Tour * Bottled Spirits

 Princess Love


Short Film Block #5

Pigments * Hypnopompia * Reparations  The Wait We Carry 

Just Enough * Welcome To Afrotree


TBFS Weekend Kickoff Reception

Enjoy a Red Carpet Reception and music curated by "The World Famous" DJ Dagwood. Non- alcoholic drinks and snacks included.


TBFS Weekend Kickoff Feature Films

Nalb Noum




TBFS 2024 comes to close, but not before we enjoy a day of films, snacks, a luncheon, the closing dinner reception, and The Black Film Summit Awards. Dress comfortable for day and then show us your Pan African best attire to bring TBFS 2024 to a close. 


Short Film Block #6

The Pillow * Truth Detector

Hell of a Child * Unicorn Training  Rosemary

 Side B * Pictures Only * Mosiah


Her Time Is Now


Shapes of Africa

First a documentary and then a suspenseful film, a great combo to start the afternoon session. 


The Pages of My Heart:

Volume One

 It is through tragedy and loss that Aaliyah finally discovers that

when you really want something

you need to take risks.


Evening Break

TBFS Will Be Back Shortly. There Will Be No Films Or Events During This Time.


The Ancestors


Freedom Hair

The Closing Short & Feature Film of

The Black Film Summit 2024


TBFS 2024 Awards

We enjoyed 47 films from across the United States and around the world. Those 47 films were selected from 121 films that applied  to be part of TBFS 2024. Now it is time to announce who were the best of the best. 

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